Quality & Certifications

"Sharmavijay Enterprises is committed to providing the finest quality natural extracts & plant actives at the best possible price" In keeping with our stance on quality and in compliance with the regulations, we have developed a comprehensive system of production and in-process monitoring to ensure quality control is maintained. Quality Assurance is the highest of our priorities, as the principles of GMP govern all steps ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of all products.

All basic testing is performed in our in-house laboratory, equipped with state of the art analytical technology. Techniques like basic lab scale extraction and in process controls are carried out in our own lab while advanced methods such as HPTLC, HPLC, GC, UV and IR Spectroscopy and Microscopy are utilized through external labs in helping identify and quality control of herbal raw material.


"Making available Standardized Herbal Extracts from plant sources for the formulation of Herbal Medicines, Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals"

This will help the formulation units in "Mass Production, Maintaining Quality and Consistency from batch to batch and Timely delivery at economy cost".

Our vision also incorporates the possibility for value added products in the future that are of high demand in the present alternative therapy.With new product developments happening each day, we constantly update our knowledge bank and present the products only after successful trials and stability studies.

Further, a close interaction with our clients and their R&D helps us understand their needs better, developed newer products and improve the quality of our existing products on a continuous basis.