Madhukaparni /Brahmi / Centella Asiatica

Properties /Uses : It found in swampy areas of India, commonly found as a weed in crop fields and other waste places throughout India up to an altitude of 600 m.

In Sanskrit texts, this plant was called Brahmi and Mandukaparni. Difference regions had different uses, as some use the leaves for pediatric complaints in bowel problems, fever and applied externally for blows and bruise while some uside Brahmi as diuretic while some even considered the plant as one of the remedies for leprosy.

GOTU KOLA (Centella Asiatica) is also a very popular herb in India for longevity and mental function. It is used to decrease fatigue and depression, and to stimulate the sex drive. It energizes the central nervous system, and aids the circulatory system, soothes and minimizes varicose veins and helps to minimize scarring. It is also useful in repairing skin and connective tissues and smoothing out cellulite.

The whole plant is extracted to drive the glycosides present and is then standardized for asiaticoside content.

Product Details

Trade Name : Madhukaparni /Brahmi / Centella Asiatica

Botanical/Scientific Name : Centella Asiatica

Active Principle/Marker : Asiaticosides 10% Asiatic Acid 2%

Quantities : 25, 50, 100- 2500 kgs

Description : Greenish to brown coloured