Kutki / Picrorhiza Kurroa

Properties /Uses : The standard Ayurvedic references describe its usefulness as a laxative, liver-stimulant, improving lactation, appetite stimulant, febrifuge and as beneficial in bronchial asthma. The plant and its formulations are widely used in therapy of epidemic jaundice.

It has a cooling effect and is used as a cardiotonic, antipyretic, anthelmintic and laxative. It is also used to alleviate stomachache, and is believed to promote appetite. As per Ayurvedic principles , Kutki is useful in ‘Kapha’, billow fever, urinary discharge, hiccup, blood troubles, burning sensations, leucoderma, and jaundice.

The extract from the plant Picrohiza kurroa is standardized to contain not less than 4% kutkin. Kutki extract shows significant ability to protect the liver against chemicals and microbes. The hepatoprotective effects of Kutki extract are found to be more potent than silymarin (milk thistle) in maintaining healthy liver functions.

Product Details

Trade Name : Kutki / Picrorhiza Kurroa

Botanical/Scientific Name : Picrorhiza Kurroa

Active Principle/Marker : Bitter 5 – 8% Kutkin 4 – 6%

Quantities : 25, 50, 100- 1500 kgs

Description : Dark brown colored powder with bitter taste.