Guduchi/ Tinospora cardifolia

Properties /Uses : Description: Tinospora Cordifolia is a large, climbing shrub. This plant has hermaphrodite flowers.

This extract is derived form the roots of Tinospora cordifolia (commonly known as guduchi) belonging to family Menispermaceae. According to the Ayurvedic lexicons Tinospora cordifolia is referred to as 'Amrita'. The term 'Amrita' is attributed to this drug in recognition of its ability to impart youthfulness, vitality and longevity to its patron. It therefore figures as one of an important 'Rasayana' drug in the Vedic scriptures. In modern medicine it is well known for its adaptogenic and immunomodulatory activities. This plant is widely used in traditional system of medicine to treat jaundice, rheumatism, urinary diseases, intermittent fever and eye aliments.

The antistress or anxiolytic activity of Tinospora cordifolia is well documented by researchers and clinically tested. The alocoholic extract of Tinospora cordifolia exhibited significant antistress activity at 100 mg/kg compared with diazepam at 2.5 mg/kg. The aqueous, alcoholic, and chloroform extracts of the leaves of Tinospora cordifolia exerted a significant hypoglycemic effect in normal as well as in alloxan-treated rabbits. From this study, it was concluded that the extracts of the leaves of Tinospora cordifolia have an insulin-like action.

Product Details

Trade Name : Guduchi/ Tinospora cardifolia

Botanical/Scientific Name : Tinospora cordifolia

Active Principle/Marker : Bitter 1.5%

Quantities : 25,50,100 – 1500kgs

Description : Brown coloured dry powder with Characteristic bitter