Coleus Forskohli / Coleus

Coleus is a perennial plant, with a strong, camphor-like odor. The leafs are fleshy and It is in the mint family. It grows well in warm temperate or subtropical areas.

The plant is native to areas of India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Coleus has long been used in traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine, but gained popularity when a chemical extract of the root called forskolin demonstrated properties that make it a potential treatment for asthma, bronchitis, glaucoma, congestive heart failure, and other conditions

Forskohlii Herb Extract is derived from tuberous roots of Coleus Forskolin, The quality of the tuber is very essential in obtaining the best quality extracts from the plant. The roots kept over very long period of time prior to extraction will result in loss of the forskolin content and yield very poor quality output.

Studies have shown Forskohliin to help lower blood pressure, dilates the blood vessels. It is concerted to be a good Heart tonic. The recommended dose is 50 mg two or three times daily of a preparation containing 18% forskolin. However, it is advised to seek professional advise before undertaking treatment with this extract.

Product Details

Trade Name : Coleus Forskohli / Coleus

Botanical/Scientific Name : Coleus Forskoli

Active Principle/Marker : Forskolin 2.5%, 10% - 20%

Quantities : 25, 50, 100- 1500 kgs

Description : Brown Coloured free flowing Powder