Bhoomi Amla / Phyllanthus

A small branching 30-40 cm high herb.

Grows wild in the rainy and warm months on the northern and central plains of India. Maybe perennial along the coastline and Southern/Eastern India. Tiny green fruit, the size of mustard seeds appear under the leaves

Typically the whole plant is extracted for its actives. The extracts are primarily used in the formulations for speedy results in jaundice, and other forms of hepatitis.

As per Ayurvedic practice, the crushed plant was made into balls and was taken directly in the early morning in jaundice patients. The plant is remarkably bitter and unpleasant.

The herb is also used in combination as a cure for leucorrhoea (white discharge) and diabetes.

Product Details

Trade Name : Bhoomi Amla / Phyllanthus

Botanical/Scientific Name : Phyllanthus Niruri

Active Principle/Marker : Bitter 1.5% - 2%

Quantities : 25, 50, 100- 1500 kgs

Description : Brown Coloured free flowing powder with Bitter taste.